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Android - a snapshot

Recently , I had a chance to explore Android (as an interesting hobby :)). That exploration resulted in this snapshot:

# Platform

• Android is an open source software stack – It includes: OS, Middleware, Key applications, API libraries for writing mobile applications

• Android supports most of Java platform except AWT & Swing

• Following things makes up Android :

o A hardware reference design that describes the capabilities required for any mobile device to support the software stack

o A Linux OS Kernel 2.6 that provides low level interface (device drivers)
o Open source libraries for app. development including SQLite, WebKit, OpenGL & a media manager

o A runtime to execute & host Android applications including Dalvik virtual machine (Android’s own optimized JVM)

o An app. framework

o An UI framework to host & launch applications

o Pre-installed applications

o A SDK with tools, plug-ins & documentation

• Android phones will comes with pre-installed applications tha…