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Common Show Stoppers in Enterprise Applications Rollout

In any of the Enterprise applications / systems development, the issues that we face can be categorized across following 4 categories : 1. Environmental issues a. "In UAT environment it is production it is not working " [Because of mismatch in the versions of the softwares installed, Hot fixes applied , Patches updated, some files corrupted , Mismatch in the keys used while using encryption / decryption, registry issues because of some corruption, inconsistency in configuration (DB server, APP. Server etc.) – sanity issues] b. "Yesterday it worked.Today it is not working " [May be it is tested with some other data…today with a different data, Un-audited software installations etc.] c. Some times bugs in the platforms will get revealed only under some circumstances which even platform vendors may be un-aware of ! 2. Resource Availability     [This may lead to non-reproducible errors and hence affects reliability] a. Availability of DB conne