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‘Customers & Vendors’ Maturity Level

In these days of business where we are living in the world of various maturity models to measure the maturity levels of SOA, software capability etc. I am seeing maturity level from a different perspective.   As the need to build highly available & scalable systems is growing high day by day, unless there is a reasonable level of maturity that exists both on the customer side and vendor side, it is tough to meet the goals. Here, by the word ‘Maturity’, what I mean is awareness and knowledge on the factors like best architectural / design practices, non-functional requirements, QoS requirements, industry standards and their direct impact on the business, based on a business domain, industry and operational nature of the system Some customers are matured enough to clearly specify their ‘Scalability’ & ‘High Availability’ requirements more precisely than others. Some of them will specify it just for the name sake and if a vendor asks do you want high availability, customer then