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Architectural documentation: Views makes things clear

When Architects are involved in the definition of architecture, it is also their responsibility to represent it in such a way that all the audience understands it very well. This is more important when architects are involved in selling the proposed architecture of a solution as part of pre-sales process. They have to present concrete justification points to the potential customers to make them understand why their proposed solution architecture is best. When the solution presentation happens, it may involve various high level stakeholders from business, IT, technology etc. Same is the case when IT of an enterprise is pitching for an imitative or a new project; unless business is convinced, IT will not get a “go” signal and budget allocation. The target audience of architecture can be categorized into two: 1. High level stakeholders like CIO, CEO, CFO, EA etc from business & IT who influence decisions significantly 2. Medium / Low level stakeholders like Tech. leads, develop