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CEP - CPU of an Enterprise ?

Can CEP can become a CPU of an Enterprise ? Let us see first what is CEP With the increasing competitiveness and changing market dynamics, Enterprises are looking for more innovative ways to do business. Lots of emerging capabilities are available for an Enterprise that could help it to keep an edge over its competitor through efficient operation of its business. One such capability is Complex Event Processing. Even though “Agility” capability will help an Enterprise to drive its business in accordance with the changing market demands, “Real-time Analytics “will help an Enterprise to plan its business more accurately. Complex Event Processing (CEP) helps an Enterprise to have the real-time analysis capability. CEP is suitable in the scenarios where there is a need to capture a very high volume of events in real-time to perform some analysis and take proactive measures / to make informed decisions. It include capturing more than one event, correlate them and extracting a “mean